9th National Conference of NESOG 2006
8th April 2006
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Maternity Hospital, Thapathali
Telephone No. 977-1-4252315 / 4215175, Fax No.: 977-1-252315
Post Box No. : 10644, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Email :

XIIIth Nepalese Congress of Pediatrics
MARCH 23-25, 2006
Hotel Shanker
Kathmandu, Nepal
“Newborn to Adolescence: Opportunities & Challenges"
Dr. Tekendra Karki
Organizing Secretary
XIIIth Nepalese Congress of Paediatrics
NEPAS Secretariat:
Kanti Children’s Hospital
P.O. Box. 2668, Maharajgunj
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel. No. 977-1- 4412648 (Off.)
Fax. 977-1- 427449

Our Expert
Dr. S.N. Pradhan
Consultant, Pshychiatic
KMCTH, Sinamangal

Dr. Govinda Pokharel
Consultant, Dermatologist
KMCTH, Sinamangal

Dr. Hemanta K. Gupta
Resident Doctor, Orthopaedic
BPKIHS, Dharan

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